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Creating a bespoke piece is like taking your own journey. We love to create the one-off-piece to be cherished and passed down as heirlooms and we are happy to fullfill your wishes through this unique experience.

No matter if you want to have a ring tell your love story, or renew a vintage piece being inherited from the past, or simply alter a piece from our collection, we will be happy to create this journey with you. 

The time frame for a bespoke piece is a minimum of 8 weeks and there is a minimum spend of 5,000 CHF. Your pieces will be exclusively designed for you and created by the experienced artisan in Switzerland with great care. 

For any request regarding  bespoke pieces, gem consultation or private viewing, please simply send your request here.

- Jewellery is never only about the jewellery, it is all our past, present and future. -

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